Monday, April 7, 2014

Grandparent’s Day Craft

Hi everyone! A couple of weeks back we celebrated Grandparent’s Day at our school. It is a really big deal around here. We always do a small performance for the grandparent’s where the kids sing songs, then they come back and show off our classroom, present their grandparents with a small craft, and then they can finally go buy books at the Scholastic Book Fair. So it is a pretty busy week for us to get ready for.

I have always done the same craft every year but really wanted to do something different this year so I started looking on Pinterest for ideas. After days of searching I found a craft that I really liked. Here is the original craft that was actually for Mother’s Day, so if you already had Grandparent’s Day this would be a really cute craft for Mother’s Day.


GP day original craft

I found the original craft on KareWares blog. I fell in love immediately. It is just so cute and it was super easy to make.

I changed it a little bit to work for my class. I didn’t have time to take pictures of the kids so this was the compromise I made. Here is what I did:

GP Day craft total view

I first made a pattern for the flower pot. Then I took a brown piece of 12x18 brown construction paper and folded it in half. The bottom of the flower pot the folded part and the top is the opening so the pieces can fit down in.

Gp Day folded pot

Next, I cut out the pot:

GP Day cut out pot  

Then I took a strip of green paper cut slits at the top and then glued the grass to the front of the pot on the inside:

Gp Day craft grass

Gp Day grass       Gp Day Grass front view


Next I taped a long piece of green yarn to the inside of of the pot and then stapled the sides closed. I tried to glue the sides but they kept popping open so the best way to do it is to staple it closed.

GP day craft flower pot

The last piece is to make the flowers. I have the kids trace a flower tracer onto three different pieces of colored construction paper and one white piece of construction paper. I also cut out three circles with circle cutter. Then the kids glue the circles to the middle of the flower. We then wrote I on one circle, love on the second circle, and you on the last circle.

GP Day craft I  GP Day craft love  GP Day craft you

The last white paper I had the kids draw a picture of their grandparents and themselves together.

GP Day craft 2  GP Day craft 3  GP Day craft

I LOVE the way their pictures turned out. They are so cute. All the flowers get tucked in the flower pot and I have a little piece of string hanging out of the pot.

Grandparent’s really loved them and I got so many compliments on them. This is a final look at the finished craft!

GP Day craft total view

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you can use this in your classroom!

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